About me:

Hi there, I'm Neil, and before I tell you more about myself, I want to introduce you to Cycab® (Derived from 'cycle cabinet'). A company created to store bikes beautifully inside your house, apartment, or any indoor space! Drawing from my extensive experience in the interiors industry, where I've had the pleasure of designing stunning, high-end kitchens, I decided to put that knowledge to work and design something unique and needed in modern life.

Cycab factory

Sports storage

More about me; I thrive on an active lifestyle. Whether it's swimming, tennis, cycling, or any exhilarating activity you can think of, I'm always up for the challenge. There's just one thing that has been bothering me for years—the lack of proper storage for my sports equipment. So, I've created a solution! Originally designed with bikes in mind, my initial goal was to inspire more people to embrace cycling and being active in cities. ..Continued....

Cycab factory

Designed for modern living

However, why limit ourselves to just bikes? What about racquet sports, yoga mats, golf clubs, and everything else that deserves its designated spot? That's why I created a modular product that adapts to your needs. With Cycab®, you can choose exactly what you require, without any unnecessary clutter. There is still more to come. Join me for the journey and if you have a great idea, feel free to get in touch!