Sizes have been calculated to optimise space in your home, office or apartment. 

Cycab cabinets are easy to assemble and we're on hand to talk you through any difficulties. 

Are these the only colours? 

The colours available at the standard rate are all displayed. We get updates of colour from the suppliers periodically. However, you can have any colour you like - we offer a custom paint service on every option where we colour match anything that strikes your fancy.

How long does it take to deliver?

Standard delivery is 4-6 weeks from time of order. Each order is handmade for you.

Is it waterproof?

The core is made using a moisture resistant material, the same as you get in high quality kitchens, wrapped in a Serica foil which is resistant to finger prints and scratches. We would advise you to wipe your bike down before putting it away to ensure the longevity of your CYCAB®. 
Cork mats are available for extra protection to the base. 

Can you deliver outside London? 

Yes. Our logistics company deliver UK wide. 

Do you deliver internationally? 

Not at the moment. 

Does it come assembled?

It comes flat-packed. This is to simplify delivery and eliminates accessibility issues and enables us to keep delivery costs reasonable. 

Can I return it? 

You can cancel the order within 5 days of placing it if you change your mind. As each Cycab® is made specifically for you, we currently don't offer a return policy unless the product is damaged. Please ensure you have ordered the right Cycab® for yourself prior to the manufacture process as we cannot refund you after this time. 

Can I customise it?

YES! Get in touch with us and we can work with you to create a customised Cycab® to match your decor or specific requirements.  


Being able to store your bike and valuables in doors means it'll be covered by your household insurance.