• Seven Forty

    740mm H x 740W x 450D

    Designed to fit a Brompton Bike comfortably.
    Alternative uses:

    • Racquets (angled)
    • Bags
    • Books
    • Files

    Seven Forty 
  • Three Seventy

    740mm H x 370W x 450D

    Exactly half the size of the 740 and designed to be independent or fit alongside or on top or the Seven Forty model.

    • Helmet
    • Bags
    • shoes
    Three Seventy 
  • One Thousand

    740mm H x 1000W x 450D

    Wider version to accommodate a Brompton bike and bag.

    Alternative uses:

    • Full size tennis bag
    • Selected cricket bags
    • Large suitcase (bag in bag)
    • Selected clothes airers
    One Thousand 
  • Five Hundred

    740mm H x 500W x 450D

    As the name suggests, its exactly half the size of the One Thousand and designed to stand independently or fit alongside any other Cycab® or on top of the One Thousand model.


    • Helmet
    • Bags
    • Shoes

    Fiver Hundred 
  • Five Hundred Tee

    1460mm H x 500W x 450D

    Designed to fit your golf clubs. (Though please check your bags dimensions).

    Fits alongside any other Cycab® models.

    Alternate uses:

    • Full size racquet bag
    • Hockey Sticks
    • Baseball bat
    • Polo stick
    • Polocrosse stick

    Five Hundred Tee 
  • Custom Cycab® designed to elegantly fit your road bike in your home

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Cycab® cabinets fit seamlessly to each other to create modern, elegant storage solutions.

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